This is actually my first blog post on any site, ever. Hopefully I can present some useful insights about working in open source, as well as new things I learn in Machine Learning. So what’s the point of this blog:


One point I’m shooting for here is for this to be a place for introspection about beginning work in open source. I’ve spent some time in industry working on various projects, but never taken the time to try to contribute to open source. I hope I can share my journey from having contributed nothing, to becoming a regular or semi-regular contributor to a few projects. If that works out then this site can be a record for others that want to get involved in open source.


I’ve recently finished a Masters in Computer Science and I would really like to keep a bit of that research bent as I move forward in my career. It can be really easy to just fall into a pattern of wasting time and not really investing in your continued education as time goes by. I can certainly attest to that being my experience over the past 6-8 months since I graduated in May. As far as research, I hope to follow a number of different researchers in the ML community and write summaries of what I’m able to get out of the papers I read. For people other than me, I hope that these summaries can provide some insight into the current state of Machine Learning research.

Readers or No Readers

This isn’t really my concern with this blog, so in some ways I’ll be writing to myself. If there end up being followers, I hope that you will write in the comments to drive changes in my approach that can push me to support what a few others are interested in as well.

Cheers, MN